The Garden Full Of Wonder

It is a hot Midsummer’s day. The sun is shining like a fireball; the clear sky is as blue as the bright, glittering ocean; the birds sing joyfully, but silently, as they search high and low for, even the smallest sip, of water. The trees are still, almost feeling sorry for the surrounding desert-dry plants. But the beautiful flowers in the outside fields are very well-looked after, as some grow large, and some multiply. The hot wind blows, but very gently. Almost like there is no wind at all – the sun is taking over it! The air is empty.

I always walk into the high fields. Alfalina’s Garden. It doesn’t look like a proper garden – like a back garden that people could usually play in. Better. More wonder hides within and it’s extremely special. To me anyway. Everyone hates the garden – because of its tall plants and ‘dangerous’ animals. I don’t blame the animals for being afraid. It’s the humans that endanger their species.  Also, it’s the beauty of nature that everyone hates. So what if the plants are too tall? It’d be perfect for hide-and-seek.

I open the small, rusty gates and walk in. The beautiful Summer sight was better in view in the garden. I run through the fields of green as if I am soaring and see a butterfly. It gives a relaxing feeling to the palms as it flutters into them. I feel free – like all the animals I see. They aren’t afraid of me and this makes me feel less lonely. Nature and all wonderful animals are my friends.

I  stare into the fields – they were never ending. I always wonder: Could I possibly grow up, enjoying the beauty? Could I grow up, coming here every day? I feel like home here. This garden gives me a lot of time to think – as this is the Garden Full Of Wonder.



I wake up in bed,
I feel worried.
They’re in my head,
Those movies and stories.
Those movies where days go wrong,
And they never become good.
Like those movies – but without the songs,
Where people become misunderstood.

I sit at the table,
I could barely eat.
I accidentally step on the cable,
And then stare at my feet.

I sit in the car,
Quieter than ever.
“Chicken?” My head asks,
And I say, “Never!”

I have alas got there,
But where to go?
There was nowhere,
Will the introducer show?

I stood there, quiet and still,
I didn’t move.
I was feeling ill,
I didn’t feel my happy groove!
“I don’t want to go!” I cried.
My heart was beating fast.
I said I was excited, but I lied,
I thought too much of the past.

I guess I was just scared,
Scared of new.
I wasn’t prepared,
I wasn’t back then too.
A single tear ran down my cheek,
I couldn’t let it show.
I looked like a freak,
I was ‘chicken’, you know!

I rang my friend on my phone,
She told my all things good,
I didn’t feel alone,
I guess I just misunderstood.

And now I know to look on the bright side,
All those funny thoughts.
I was excited, I cannot lie,
Bravery shot.

Then I knew everything was chill,
I didn’t stay very still.
I began to walk with joy,
And that’s when I saw a cute boy!
Oops! Sorry.

Now I 100% know never to be scared of new!


I sit at the edge of the glittering ocean,
The sun in the distance rising.
I feel an exciting emotion,
What in the sand could I find surprising?
Perhaps a sparkling shell,
Or some ancient gold.
I don’t know, I can’t tell,
I am feeling strong and bold.

The sand feels warm,
Such relaxing feeling.
I feel reborn,
The sight is so appealing.
The sight of the ripples in the ocean,
I start feeling more joyful emotion.
I look at the ripples that dance about,
I’m starting to get an adventurous thought.
It’s beautiful, there’s no doubt,
On the beach, there’s no sign of drought.

I feel temptation to swim in the water,
I want to explore the deep.
The sun’s rising – it’s getting hotter,
It’s so hot, I ought to fall asleep.
I look at the sight again,
The ocean’s calling me.
I dreamt of it now and then,
I love to swim, you see!
I get up and slowly walk towards the ocean,
I plant my feet into it.
I receive a worked up emotion,
I walk in deeper bit by bit.

I dive in and see a whole new world,
colourful fish swimming everywhere.
I feel like a lucky girl,
I could swim anywhere.
I see the sky-blue colour wondering across,
I feel like I belong.
I see everything clearer like the boss,
The main mermaid – what could go wrong?

I explore the deep,
I swim from ocean to reef.
It’s a memory I’d ought to keep,
I see corals and strayed tree leaves.
I feel like the underwater world is my home,
I think of nothing but it.
With the dolphins, sharks and fish I never feel alone,
I see the world bit by bit.


I just love seeing the ocean.


(435) 282-9873

I’ve been telling everybody my imaginations,
They say they’re really good!
But somehow, they’re not everybody’s fascination,
They say my stories are bad, but I think they’re just misunderstood.
And so, I carried on, feeling proud,
But that just made it worse.
I never stopped sharing them aloud,
But some say I’m a curse.

I don’t care what they say, never did,
As long as one or two people like my stories.
I was always brave, I never hid,
I never said any sorries.
Why should I be sorry for my talent, even a bit?
Others just enjoy and listen to me.
Sometimes, really good, new ideas hit,
I just feel proud of myself, you see.

“Face True reality, Eliza. No one can fly.” They say,
That statement never really hurts my feelings.
Doesn’t it occur to them I don’t care,
As long as somebody finds my stories appealing.
“Don’t you know that Hogwarts doesn’t exist?”
That just makes me laugh – they are just so jealous!
I tell stories – I just can’t resist,
If they don’t like them, can’t they just tell us?

The best things in life are if you just have some honest friends to listen to your stories,
but they cannot be harsh in whatever they say,
If they are jealous, never say any sorries!
Keep on going, if they never have enough, tell new stories every day!

Don’t listen to people filled with jealousy, who say: “Face True Reality.”

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Whenever I’m depressed, angry, or sad,
I’ll always have someone to turn to like my mum and dad.
Whenever I’m crying, they’ll dry my tears,
Whenever I’m with them, I’ll always cheer.
There’s absolutely nothing for me to fear!
Because I’ll always know my family is near.

“I’m always wanting chocolate and cupcakes forever!” Someone may say,
“I’m always wanting to do stuff with family.” I tell them.
They may not believe it, they can laugh every day,
I don’t really care, because my family love me, even if I cause mayhem!

My family can get angry or frustrated,
But there’s nothing about them I’ve ever hated.

They’re my family.



It was a warm Monday morning in July. The birds sang gracefully, the trees danced to their distant chirping and the sun shone bright – as bright as a huge firefly. A 29 year-old woman, named Cathrian, was all worn out, but constantly working on her farm.
“Whoo, doggy! That’s a whole lot o’ carrots!” She panted, completely worn out.
“I’m going to want some coffee and pepsi. And perhaps a pizza to keep me going.” She sighed. A few Golden Shepherd dogs barked harshly and Cathrian was too tired to even give them a few treats. The pigs snorted because of the unbearable heat and the horses galloped round the entire farm like a brood of chickens. Speaking of chickens, they were running after the horses like a group of drunken people running away from a giant that broke into an adults’ party. Feeling too tired to do almost anything, Cathrian went inside, turned on the cooling, drank some pepsi, coffee and ate a piece of pizza left over from the previous day. She then brought the food and drinks outside so then she can have a slice of pizza and some things to drink whenever she felt like it.

Suddenly, three mad girls, known to be Cathrian’s friends, rushed over to the farm.
“Hey, Cathy!” Yelled Lola, one of her best friends.
“Want to come over? We just live a few miles away! We’re having a HUGE pool party.” Said Sasha, overexcited.
“Oh, I’d love to,” Cathrian said. “But I have about six more patches of carrots to pull out and I have to take care of the animals!”
“Never mind that! Besides, it’s WAY too hot for any animals to be moving around!” Chuckled Hermione, Sahsa’s older sister. Cathrian agreed and rushed over to the party.

What about the animals?
Well, Cathrian went over to the party for two hours, and completely forgot to feed the animals! So, here’s what happened:
The pigs saw the coffee, shook the table, knocked the coffee off, spilt it and drank it. The horses drank the pepsi and the dogs ate the rest of the pizza. The pigs appeared to be jumping off walls in the house (and yes, Cathrian sometimes finds dogs’ business in her bedroom, because she forgot to lock the door), the horses broke 1/2 of the best set of china in the house that Cathrian’s grandmother sent her from Australia, the dogs had their own little party in Cathrian’s bedroom and the chickens luckily stayed outside the house because they were laying eggs constantly.

After two hours, Cathrian got back home and found her pepsi bottle was empty! The coffee cup was broken into small pieces and the pizza box was found empty on the floor.
“ARGH! I cannot believe I did this! Why didn’t I close the door before I left the house! ARGH! I’m SO ANNOYED!” She screamed. When she entered the house, her scream was so terrifying, that she scared all the animals out of the house. But then she was calm again and called Housing Company. They fixed her house and the china and Cathrian cleaned up the dogs’ business. Everything was normal again.

Despite the disgusting smell left in her bedroom, Cathrian was happy with the fixing up of the house and she remembered to lock the door the next time she left the house and to leave the food and drinks inside.

Charlie Charlie

I’ve heard many horror stories before in my life,
But there’s one that caught my heart like a knife!
It was the most horrifying I had ever heard,
It was so scary, it even frightened my pet bird!
Poor Polly, she couldn’t have a rest at night,
I was so scared, that I gripped my pillow tight!
“Mother, mother, can it be true?” I asked my mum one day.
“Of course not, Tilly, they’re tricking you!” That’s all my mum would say.

They say put two pencils together and say his name,
I was too terrified – I didn’t stay the same!
Too scared to write with a pencil and too scared to touch a pen,
I was too scared to fall asleep, I couldn’t now and then.
They have officially ruined my life forever,
I told my friend we couldn’t stay together.
Otherwise I’d make her look like a fool,
That she would no longer look cool.
“Because of those stories, I cannot stay,” I said.
She said she understood and I cried in bed.

“Charlie Charlie, are you there?” Those words have forever haunted my brain,
From then and on, I was scared to say Charlie, the name.
They say he’d curse you at night and dislocate your bones,
Those people weren’t joking, I can tell by their tone.

This is the legend they call: Charlie Charlie.



Jake was on his way to work, happy to have bananas for dinner and looking forward to ordering a pizza. He was was even happier that he got to play the hero tonight, saving a bus driver from a burning bus. London busses aren’t safe, he thought. Anyways, it was a lot more interesting than his night guard job. There was literally nothing to do. As Jake dreamt away at being a hero, maybe with a cape, and cool glasses, he completely failed to notice that he was now walking in the fields, way further away from his job than he was meant to go. He turned around and saw a dark figure in the blackness of the night(1) looming just next to an old oak tree. The eyes, completely black, but with bright sparks in them. The hands, so bent and thin, that of a skeleton. And what looks like a robe on a very thin person. That’s it, thought Jake. But why? I just saved someone! As Jake was about to shout in panic(2), a car drove by with its lights on. As it passed Jake has seen the figure perfectly well. It was … a … an … another tree with 2 little birds sitting in a nest made in the two holes that the tree had. Really, Jake thought, I should probably just go home. But no, Jake did not believe in magic, special powers, or sixth sense(3). He decided to keep going (back) and get to work, even if late. Besides, the day guard needs to get home after a whole day of work.

(1) yes, even though the night might be completely dark, the Law Of Being Scared dictates that there are different depths to the darkness, and no matter how pitch-black something may be, you will ALWAYS see a dark figure looming there. Dark figures are darker than black, which seems illogical on the face of it, but somehow it works. Go figure!

(2) in a very funny and comic way, use your imagination

(3) at least that’s what he told himself

Getting to work

It was a bright summer day. The afternoon was filled with sound and sunshine. Jake wortked night shifts. He was a 20 year old man from Newcastle, handsome and single. It was 6.30pm and Jake just went out to work. He suddenly stopped as he realised he forgot to do the shopping and he had nothing to eat at work. Jake decided he had enough time to get to the shop and then back to work. He rushed to the shop and bought some food for work and home. Jake decided to take the bus back home to drtop some of his shopping there before going to work again. Little did he know that his night will be a lot more interesting than his job as a night guard. As an empty bus was approaching, it suddenly swirled, hit Jake’s shopping bag and crashed into a wall. The eggs from the shopping bag went flying into the air, the milk spilled all over the place and the chocolate melted in horror. Amazingly the bananas survived the accident. Without mich thinking, Jake called 999 and helped the driver out of the bus just before it caught fire. He decided he’ll walk to work that day and order a pizza instead.

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I really enjoy rhyming,
But I have to keep in timing.
Or else I’ve done it completely wrong!
Rhyming is like rapping a song.
Here are a few ideas, just to keep you going,
Maybe this will help you get your rhyme showing!
You’ll know it’s a rhyme, once you say it aloud,
If you don’t know rhyming, you might think, ‘What’s that all about?’
Well, rhyming could be new for you, and new is a good thing,
Once you’ve rapped the rhyme, you could try singing!

Here’s a rhyme for you to learn,
If there’s someone else, you could take turns.

Summer Morning
I wake up in bed, feeling the wind touch my face.

It is quite warm, I must say – I can feel my heart race.
Excitement towers over me as I look through the open window, closest to my bed,
And as I feel excitement tower over me again, ‘Lovely Summer morning!’ I said.
The birds sang gracefully, the sun shone strong,
I really enjoy the birds’ singing, what is their next song?
The green grass was long – what could go wrong?

This is a Summer Morning.

Thanks for taking my examples – when you rhyme,
Try to keep in time!

This is rhyming.